earl grey and peppermint

a match made in Pret

those walls have heard stories

of love, lust, fear, and loss

a splash of soy milk and tea bags

squeezed between the branches

of a beautiful tree

whose eyes saw me when I couldn’t see myself

a gift given was a life line received

I love you, I love you, I love you

one last thing

I love you

I’m going to be putting my old poems into a small collection & will be selling the ebook over on Amazon. You can have a gander at my old work over on my Poetry page, let me know which ones you like best!

As always thank you for your support. It’d mean a lot if you could stop by my Instagram & check out my art. I’m also working on a nude illustration book, you can see examples of my work on my Art page.


What are your thoughts?

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