When it’s Over

Tell me when it’s time to go

When the curtain call is made

And all we had is left in bedsheets

Washed away by hands separated

Lost whispers intertwined in soft heat

Our scattered clothes are gathered

Hearts beat slower in time with the hum

of the world as it carries on

In constant motion we walk beside it

Fingers claw at the inside of pockets

Memories of the soft skin they drew upon

Pictures and words that could never

be spoken aloud for fear of feeling

Stand and take all you brought with you

And I’ll turn away as you leave

Eyes closed and breath held

I’ll sit and wait until you’re gone

Become another who knew you

A name on a list of names they won’t see

So tell me when it’s time to go

Or these crooked bones will stay.



You work me like clay in your hands

Moulding new thoughts with each whisper

Between breaths you look to her for reference

I am becoming what you wanted