Just Write

Words fickle as sand, falling wherever the breeze tells them to go

No care is given for their result, so long as they arrive.


The Forgotten

We are the forgotten

Left to wallow alone

In the hope that we might forget ourselves

Forget all we had

For we had dreams




All since forgotten

No, not forgotten


Hush now it will be okay

Those words are meaningless

Nothing is okay

For we are the forgotten

Never to be seen

A plastic dummy pretending to speak our minds

When we lost those long ago

To the ones who forgot

We are the forgotten

Remembered only to forget the truth of our being


Fearless Failure

Failing bones of boys gone

Too far to see them resting now

One last touch, breath, sigh


Whispers of girls broken

Too loud to hear what they sing

One last touch, breath, sigh


Neglect of the kiss he holds

Too frail to find a replacement

One last touch, breath, sigh


Rejected eyes of adventurers close

Too strong to admit a fault

One last touch, breath, sigh


Hopeful hands open wide

Too brave to give up now

One last touch, breath, sigh.