She’s made of…

She’s made of lines and broken things

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earl grey and peppermint

a match made in Pret

those walls have heard stories

of love, lust, fear, and loss

a splash of soy milk and tea bags

squeezed between the branches

of a beautiful tree

whose eyes saw me when I couldn’t see myself

a gift given was a life line received

I love you, I love you, I love you

one last thing

I love you

I’m going to be putting my old poems into a small collection & will be selling the ebook over on Amazon. You can have a gander at my old work over on my Poetry page, let me know which ones you like best!

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There’s a faulty switch in my mind

It flickers on and off and on and off

I want for nothing, but still I feel sick

The signals are coming out wrong

Instead of smiling I’m crying

Instead of happiness there is sickness

My stomach turns and my heart races

There’s no reason for this feeling but I feel it

I try to turn the switch off by doing what the happy people say

But faulty is faulty no matter how long I spend in downward dog

Dreams of You

I woke up from a dream of a life with you,

Your gentle hands held my heart,

And my fears fell away with each velvet kiss,

No fairy tale could compare to this truth,

I kissed your back and smiled as you turned to me,

Every morning we bring my dream life,

And nothing can ever take that away